Close-up of a client during consultationWhether your hair is fine, thick, straight or wavy, your hair grows in a pattern. Understanding the behavior and demands is how we approach your hairstyle to accomplish a personalized look that enhances your hair, and ultimately you!

Hair Color

Women getting her hair coloured at thecoolredroom Hair SpaceOur color room creates the finish on your haircut, using hair color shades to complete your hairstyle or design a whole new look. Coloring all of your hair to create hues that compliment your eye color and skin tone is one service we offer. Often accent highlights are added to this choice achieving a muli-dimensional result.

Foil highlighting is mastered in creating the best hair color to compliment your natural shade. Blonde on blonde, dark hair with Blonde Highlights, Golden highlights to soften long hair, or multi-dimensional Copper is all possible with the creations we achieve daily. Whether you are looking for an edgier effect, or easy to maintain with little upkeep and a natural grow out, our Foil techniques can achieve this.

Our Balayage technique is often selected to achieve a bolder highlighted look, and can achieve a creamy or rich detail that catches the eye by its movement. We keep up with the latest hair trends to give you nice hair color tones so you can have great hair every day.

Hair Painting is a personalised approach to selecting strands and movements in your hair cut to visually make them “pop” and stand out. Using your natural hair growth to guide us, a unique finish is achieved for your finished look. From a cutter’s point of view, this is like cutting hair with color.


Photo credit North Easton

Women's Hair

Short Haircut

Short haircuts are to enhance your bone structure. They can be edgy, youthful and capture an individual personality within. Our cutting techniques of square layers, round, or graduated lines are how we personalize a fresh and easy wearable look often completed with short or funky bangs to frame the eyes. Chair education to finish your hair can include you applying or finishing so you can manage your look daily! A rinse to “eliminate the hair dust” and a hot towel are complimentary with this service.

Long Hair

Shoulder length hair or beyond, our chair education of movement and styling techniques are included. We walk you through the what, why’s and how to manage your hairstyle. A complete blow out with the follow up instructions for home and a complimentary moisture treatment is our pleasure! Our comprehensive knowledge of various layered looks and how bangs sit best often are what instills the trust that keeps our clients coming back.

Curly Hair

We love and understand curl patterns; they are unique in every individual head of hair. They can be curly, wavy or kinky and we walk you through the trials and tribulations of what your hair has been through and where you would like it to be. To fully embrace and manage your curls with easy techniques and tips will allow you to enjoy it on your own.

Men’s Hair

Men’s haircuts are individual; our approach is to personalize your look using your bone structure, image, and hair type to guide us to your desired look. Details of product application and technique are offered for success with your look on your own. A hot towel service for a clean finish is complimentary with this service.

Dressed Hair (Updo)

For your formal or semi-formal event, setting and doing up your hair to compliment your wardrobe and occasion is fun for us. With a creative eye we focus on your features and balance your dressed hair so that you look great from all angles. Avante Garde or Feminine Chic, ultimately you will be adored.

Learn how to own your hair, so it doesn't own you