I trust her completely with my hair

Donna gave me my first-ever short, styled cut and I fell in love with it right away. She knows how to work with your hair to give you the best looking cuts. She’s great about listening, too, and always seems to understand what I want done. I trust her completely with my hair. The visits are so relaxing, too – I am already looking forward to the next one!

Kathleen Biard

“your hair is fabulous….who is your stylist”

Just had to send you a message. I woke late this morning and didn’t have time to wash my hair….didn’t even have time to style it….I just kinda brushed it and fluffed it up a bit and off I ran, thinking that I was having a bad hair day. At noon I went to my bank. The teller, a young (ie mid 20′s) gentleman said ” your hair is fabulous….who …


Donna Nash understands hair

Donna Nash understands hair. More importantly, she understands my hair. Having been on the receiving end of more than my share of uneven, poorly executed haircuts in my time, I’ve developed a pretty deep anxiety when it comes to visiting a new stylist. Donna understood my hair’s texture, and taking into account the way I care for it and my lifestyle, gave me a great cut that works with my …

Theresa English

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