Hair Pandemic!

Along came COVID-19, a pandemic that brought the world to a halt! Literally grounded, in our homes where we watched as the fear, anxiety, and anger escalated daily as people died around the world from a virus.

“If I could just get my hair cut” developed almost as rapidly as that 70’s looks on most overgrown heads of hair. As a Hairstylist and Salon owner this request increased daily. Contemplating the future of what might be or not be, to a small business owner as I, was a growing concern. Small businesses taking a huge hit, many closings completely by the day. Making the decision to close the current location of my salon was the only choice after being closed for months. The answer would come.

“If I could just cut hair” was all I needed as the passion to do so still living vibrantly inside me. This would make me feel like me again, kind of like getting your haircut back to the way it was. With some relief in place, I could now see more clearly that this was indeed possible.

Meeting a likeminded Salon owner like Lucas Nault and moving thecoolredroom Hair Space as a satellite Salon within a Salon was the answer and has been a growing experience for all. Remaining in Ottawa’s Centre town area a bonus. This talented Team of individual Stylists with a fun and knowledgeable approach to so many hair color and haircutting techniques and individual looks, the lively social atmosphere is not only refreshing, but also stimulating as a new start.

Six months later in this pandemic world you can indeed get a haircut, and we can continue to cut hair and feel our livelihood back with a new perspective of what a Hairdresser does. The reward for us in return, is receiving the care and concern and gratefulness from our rewarded Clientele.

Without hair and wonderful people, we would have a mess.

Stay well, stay happy!