Children’s Hair

josephineMeet Josephine, she is 11 and has been visiting thecoolredroom Hair Space for a couple of years now.  A visitor yes, as She has chilled out with her Archie comics while her Mom gets her hair done.

Recently when her Mother Sonia came by herself I asked her “Do you have this brush?”  It is a jumbo Ibiza and perfect for Sonia’s full head of hair.  She replied” Yes I do, and it’s great”.  Sonia then went on to tell me that Josephine tried to use it in her own hair and it got caught, tangled and they couldn’t get it out. (such a common familiar mishap for many people)  When her Mother told her they might have to cut it out she started to cry, feeli
ng horrified at the idea.  In order to make her feel better Sonia told her daughter that if they had t
o cut it out she would bring her to see me for a haircut.   This helped and she stopped crying;  they proceeded to be relentless at removing the brush. Ahh yes, they were able to remove the brush without cutting her hair.  Josephine then started to cry again and when asked why she said “Now I don’t get to have Donna cut my hair”.

When I was told this story I offered to give Josephine that haircut as a gift if they would be willing to have us include a photo for the “Children’s Hair” section of our website.  The gift of a haircut is one of my biggest honors, as it reminds me what my craft is all about.  I as a child, the youngest of five certainly did not go to the salon for regular haircuts.  My Mother loved to get her hair “dressed” in a chignon, bubbles, and other fabulous creations of 60’s hair and I did once or twice have the gift of a salon haircut.  A pixie or a french cut is what I remember having, and the feeling of looking and being special is what it left me with.

Everyday I have the pleasure of making people feel special, and I couldn’t be more thankful!