8 Years of Hair Culture

The Cutting Room – 8 Years Ago


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You see, this Hair Space was inspired from the Clients who I had shared life with many years as an established Hairstylist in Ottawa.  If I was going to do this, it would have to be special . I can remember as if it were yesterday……… the brown paper on the windows as we worked away inside, while our energy and excitement continued to build….. the vision coming together one day at a time

The Cutting Room – Today

The Culture of thecoolredroom would be a calm and creative place to visit.  People are unique, so the pieces of furniture, and surrounding details when sitting in our chair also should be unique.  I envisioned the staff at thecoolredroom to have the same views as I do: loyal, hardworking and always ready for fun.

Our Haircolor Products and Services would have to be the best there is to offer, to maintain the integrity of Hair.  This way we could consistently create shiny, beautiful Hairstyles.  Our Hair Care and Styling Products would be simple to use, and most effective for our Clients to achieve their looks at home.


The Colour Room – 8 Years Ago


The Colour Room – Today


Our Service would have to be top notch, everyday all day.  We would welcome our Guests with a kind and genuine greeting, making sure they felt our appreciation and creative energy.

How has it been 8 Years!

To reflect on the past 8 years, it is with great pride and gratitude that our culture is still going strongly. We have a unique and wonderful Clientele, talented and dedicated Team, and products that enable our Clients to have the hair they deserve. It is, and always has been our pleasure to be able to offer the best service and work as our fulfillment to ourselves and others.


Donna Nash – 8 Years Ago
Donna Nash and thecoolredroom Today






Red Room!