Hair Inspiration from Rickie-lee

We each look around us for inspiration, for me it’s flowers. The way the colours follow the shape of flower, how simple yet unique that each one is different. I often look at flowers to see the way the colours softly change, the hues, tones, and approach hair in the same way. Using pastels to vibrant colours to create subtle, yet interesting looks. Flowers are what brought my love for the balayage technique to life- whether it’s soft blondes or vibrant colours. Bringing out these colours when I cut is much like when way the shapes of the flowers finish the look of each one. Keeping hair loose, with movement from colour and cut creates a natural look to the hair, letting the hair grow in and still look gorgeous. Each flower is different, just like each client is different. When you sit in the chair I can see how your hair wants to move, the tone of your skin, and your personality.

“Always keep your eyes open. Keep watching. Because whatever you see can inspire you. – Grace Coddington”