Hair Seen

Step Away From the Hair!

Hello friend,
Would you happen to know where to begin if someone asked you to write a blog for the first time ever?

I thought I did until my head began to get all jumbled up with too many subjects to write about. In fact, even though it feels chaotic at first, this havoc of ideas are a great problem to have. For you see, it would be a far worse problem to have if the mind were blank. In this case, there is just too much to choose from and my armpits are getting a little sweaty from going in circles. All that needs to be done, is to step back from the mayhem. From a better distance, one will know exactly what to do when there is conflict and then everything will go back to order. Phew!

Funny thing I mention this because the same goes for hairstyling!!!!
One thing that I have noticed many hairstylists are not in the habit of doing, is stepping away from their work in progress on your beautiful hair. I have learned that when working very closely with the hair, I can only see the 30,000 hairs laughing at me as I am working hard to tame them. Later, I step away from your luscious hair and from a distance, I’ll be able to see the full picture and understand what it needs. I will see the bounce, the wiggles and the personality of your hair.
It is extremely important to look at one’s creation from different angles, especially from a further distance. The work I do, I do with patience, direction, and an open mind.  (Oh wow, this last sentence just opened the door to an entirely different idea for a blog).
At times, a head of hair might not be fully cooperative. One will have many ideas on how to change this and it can be difficult to decide how to approach those mysteriously funky hairs. Well, have no fear, Michelle is here! For me, the best solution is to blink a little more and step further away from the hair. By using disciplined hair cutting and styling techniques,  one will be able to put those naughty hairs to shame. When you are with me, you may even hear me sing a short angelical, “aaAAAaahhhh” with sweet ververatto because I am extremely satisfied.

Just like I did with this blog, sometimes I have hairs coming out of my head that I cannot figure out how to instruct. Thankfully, I succeed in organizing these crazy hairs by taking a small break as I step away from them to find where to begin, how to approach it and be done with it.

Your Hair Stylist,
Michelle Nahmad 

(Woohoo! Now, I can cheer to the very first Blog I write in my hair styling career. Stay tuned for more!)