Happy 2017!

Wow! What a great year 2016 was for all of us at thecoolredroom Hair Space! 

We are very excited for 2017, the anticipation already building for our next visit to the International Hair Show in New York.  It is the 100th year celebration for this event and it will be nostalgic for sure.  Special presentations will be held to celebrate their big anniversary and many many workshops will be attended and inspire us for the New Year.  March 10th is the weekend so please keep in mind advance scheduling may be needed.

2017 also brings the 7th Anniversary for thecoolredroom Hair Space on  June 8th.  We will be sharing this with our wonderful Clientele by having a prize giveaway of 7 different gifts.  Each service visit allows an entry of a ballot to enter!  Did I mention that there are some Cirque de Soleil tickets in there?

We are grateful and honored to have such great individuals sit in our chair every day and Thank You!

Happy New Year!