Its our birthday, let’s give back

It’s my Birthday Today! May 11th, and thecoolredroom will be celebrating a Birthday on June 8th!

It will be a new beginning for our 11th year. 11:11 is a lucky and symbolic time on the clock as well, and during this unexpected never imagined Pandemic, I have so much to be grateful for.

Immediately after closure due to Covid-19, I received so many messages from Clients asking how they could help, gift cards, pre purchase for their next visit. My heart was so full from this, even though it was hurting from what our new reality was.

I am fortunate, and it just takes me back to basics and my roots, how did I get this far? I entered a Space that was a gem, Andras Gyorgy had a tailor shop here The Continental Tailor for 33 years. I felt it was fate that I would find such a space, peaceful, safe, and magically blessed.

I never looked back once I opened, pushed forward every minute, every day, every year, in order to succeed, and here we are 10 years later. I plan on doing the same, pushing forward, not looking back as this will be a memorable time for us, for the rest of our lives.

To say Thank You to each person who has walked through our door would be an understatement, words cannot say enough at times like these. For the haircut you may have missed, the gift card you offered, I would be over the moon if you would consider donating to one of the three charities I have chosen listed below.

Many of you have heard me say this over the years, “I love people, it’s just a bonus that they have hair on their head”. I look forward to being a “people person” and feeling like me again.

I hope you can celebrate this with me/us at thecoolredroom Hair Space, because we wouldn’t be us without you.

This fundraiser is running from one birthday to the next (May 11th - June 8th).

We can’t wait!

Take good care, stay well,

Donna Nash

Osgoode Care Centre Logo

Osgoode Care Centre

Going back to my roots….

I was born a country girl became a City girl at 14. My roots where I grew up is where where the Osgoode Care Centre is. We feel so blessed that our 91 year old Father was able to have residence here, just before this pandemic came about.  This 100 bed Facility will need to expand to meet the demand and requirements for the future.

We all over the years have shared experiences similar to having a Parent in a Care Facility, as we share many things in life.

Throughout the Pandemic, The Osgoode Care Centre have worked so hard and have been successful to keep COVID-19 out, support Families with Facetime to talk to their loved ones, (I do this once a week with my Dad) and do whatever they can to make a window visit easier. The Staff are incredible and a gift to us all.

Truth being, one day this may be us. If I could be so lucky as my Dad, I would wish to be here when I am at this stage in life.

When giving, please let them know you are giving for thecoolredroom's birthday in the "MESSAGE FOR OSGOODE CARE CENTRE" box.

Centretown Citizens Community Association Logo

Centretown Citizens Community Association

Going back to my roots….

When I was 19 yrs old I started as an apprentice in hairdressing at a Salon in Centretown at Bank and Laurier, who knew then that I would end up opening my own Salon in the same Community 27 years later. A location where everyone fits in, filled with the life of every generation, so many spirited individuals who belong.  It is unique, diverse, and well deserved to remain one of Ottawa’s heart of Gold.  Fate is always in charge, and I am so Thankful to own a business in this community.

When giving, please let them know you are giving for thecoolredroom's birthday in the "I would like to see the CCCA address other issues including" box.

Interval House of Ottawa Logo

Interval House

Going back to my roots...

As many already are aware, when I was a young Stylist, I had the opportunity to go to Interval House and other Women’s Shelter’s to cut hair voluntarily.  We are also aware that this is an escalated issue since the Pandemic,  forcing many to have to survive unbearable circumstances.

Daily I have so many Women sit in my chair who may or may not need this support. Women supporting Women, so they too can look forward , not back, and have a new beginning they deserve.

When giving, please let them know you are giving for thecoolredroom's birthday in the "MESSAGE FOR INTERVAL HOUSE OF OTTAWA" box.