Sachajuan in Canada

In 2010, when Thecoolredroom Hair Space was created, identifying with a product
line that would be likeminded with the culture then being created, Sachajuan has
proven to be a great choice.

Our approach to hairstyling is to keep hair simple and natural, enhancing your
natural texture and movement. Sachajuan Hair Care, with it’s Ocean Silk
Technology based on Sea Algae and Kelp, allows our Clients to manage their hair
and enjoy their hair’s personality. Natural, shiny healthy hair, and simple to use.

We celebrate the strength and love for such great Haircare Culture that has
established here at Thecoolredroom Hair Space. Sachajuan “rocks the locks”
everyday in this cool room of ours!

Now, in 2018, it is being named the “Brand of 2018”, have a look at what the
press is saying about Sachajuan Haircare today.