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While on our trip to New York last March for the International Hair Show, I let the anthropologist in me come out, and observed people at the airport, on the streets, and at our event, of what does hair do? How does it feel? What compells us to look at it?  This became “Hair Words”… it bounces, wiggles, tangles;  it feels soft, beautiful, and sometimes annoying;  it shines, swings, and frames our face and this compells us to look at it on others as well as ourselves.

Once I returned home and saw yet another of North Easton’s video’s I thought “Hey, that would be amazing to have this in a video!”  I contacted North and shared my idea, mentioning that I was not looking for something commercial, something creative and yes to have it to music and sent along some tunes that suit the culture of thecoolredroom.  I also added that if he got a song out of this that would be a great, and without hesitation ..”Oh, I’m definetly getting a song.”  Cool!  Two creative crafts associated through social media,  collaborating together.

North came and filmed us for a good half day, and this is the first time we all met.  His energy and vibe worked right away.  A calm, relaxed and intruiged persona was welcomed and allowed us to be ourselves. North is a Songwriter/ teaches songwriting/ band member/ photographer/ videographer and has more talent in his baby finger than some people have in a lifetime.

I must confess the waiting for the final result was tough, as you can imagine the thoughts of…. How did we do visually?  What will the song be like? I hope we like it etc. Those thoughts dissappeared into the air when North Easton certainly did deliver!  The hair words visually came together in the filming part, and the feeling and energy behind hair and what does it feel like, what does it mean to us came together in the song he wrote and produced for us “Dance with me”.  He also captured thecoolredroom Hair Space ambiance and intamacy that we offer our valued clientelle.  Amazing, incredible and wonderful is how we all felt toward this creative composition that North porduced for us.

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